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WebTrafficID Maximizes Your Digital Marketing
We view consumers differently than most marketing companies. To us, a consumer wants to engage a dealership in a way that is organic, informative and not about price. Our DriveAOi digital marketing program connects a dealership with a network of local customers as well as new prospects with a new approach to online marketing. It is with our DriveAOi digital marketing program that we digitally Social Graph a dealership to their network of current consumers as well as the new prospects base on target locations and online social interaction as it relates to articles, pictures, tweets and videos in the dealerships own market.
Social Graph Icons.png
WebTrafficID then uses the most popular social media networks linked together to market a dealership. Each network performs a special function. Twitter creates the current conversation, Instagram takes the personal pictures, Youtube takes the videos and Facebook is the platform we use to launch our DriveAOi digital marketing program. The technology behind social graphing a dealership is understanding how consumers engage with different media on the different social interaction platforms and how that information can then be used by a dealership to increase engagement and ultimately increase sales and reputation for both new car sales and service work.    
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